ig, wp haortic
twt subsubae


2005 she/her ISFJ
ⵙ tau ☽︎ sag ↑ cap
jeonghan + sejun kinnie

ps. take care and stay hydrated! <3

╥﹏╥ Noo... rude & loud ppl, chemistry ++ biology, crowds, big parties, locals lmao, auto-capslock
( ✧Д✧) Yes !! 4d & warm ppl, singing, thunderstorms, "thank u", mbti stuff, fashion, choco, animes, jung subin
DFI -13 or +20, basic criteria, NO COMMON GROUP or interest, personal profile
BYF i mostly talk about victon, svt and skz. i never begin conversations cause im shy and insicure, but i become attached quite easily.
main seventeen, stray kids, victon others loona, ateez, dkb, tri.be . . . etc

to user : cassiovpea 1122 !
my angel, my other me.
just a reminder that today i miss u more than yesterday (come back tomorrow)

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